The Eagle CDS Framework

The Eagle Object Orientated Framework has at its nucleus a powerful set of functions covering geometry, GUI, data exchange, imaging, utility and core functions which have been exposed to a variety of programming methods ideal for both application prototyping and system engineering of the final application solution.

Programming Methods

Our EagleGL high level scripted language which has been popular with Eagle customers has over the years been adopted and extended to in Eagle SDK (which is included as part of Eagle V14 CDS) to facilitate the programming demands of wide-ranging developments in domain specific environments.   We have allowed programmers to develop both in C/C++ through a wide and powerful suite of EPIs (API) and using OCX capabilities the system functions can be extended and integrated from virtually any programming environment with supports this technology. We created open data structures so that they could be used independently from within developers own programs using a series of APIs.  In EagleActiveX we wrapped Eagle as a component so that compliant applications such as internet browsers could use Eagle 3D component from supported languages within cloud applications. 


Eagle CDS (Creative Developer Studio) is delivered with Eagle 14, EagleSDK (EPI, LibUFO, LibEagle, LibOCC) APIs, Python EBC, Python EFC (in source) and complete documentation, training materials and UML model of class structures.

Eagle v14 contains all the functionality of Eagle v12 SDK


If you are an ISV (Independent Software Vendor), Enterprise Developer, Equipment Manufacturer or Educator and want to develop or integrate leading edge 2D/3D graphics in your application using world class software Eagle CDS is the right choice. Already used in a wide variety of industries providing cost and time saving benefits Eagle and Python allow the developer to simply get on with the job of providing the solution.



Over a decade delivering quality graphics, data integration and management software. Robust core technology with innovative complimentary developments.


Based in Ireland with Locations in Italy and UK known centres for innovation and design quality. Fuelled by consistent investment in development and research


Our belief clients are more than customers but partners in business development. We value our ability to free client developers to innovate in their field of expertise. We offer return on investment by saving time and resources in implementation and continuous deployment.


None of these developments could overcome the factor that Eagle language  was relatively unknown and more importantly although it was possible to achieve something of an object orientated approach it  was not object orientated in design in essence. Most importantly the objects created usually had no knowledge or relationship with one another without significant application programming intervention.   In order to provide a true object orientated we integrated Eagle with Python where we could achieve the true advantages of OOP approach to graphics environment including polymorphism, encapsulation and inheritance. 

The Programmer Experience

Eagle has an AE or more appropriately, from a developer point of view,  a super shell from which it is possible to interactively interact in real time with the system, render graphics, UI and such like in a multi-windowed multi document manner.  This shell is also totally customizable with incredibly flexible GUI functions. We integrated the Python interpreter in parallel to EagleGL so that Eagle programmers could use Python functions directly from this environment. The Eagle language is supported in UltraEdit and Python has a range of open source and commercial IDE tools. 

Now in Eagle CDS the integration with Python is completed. Eagle functions are provided as classes to enable programming of Eagle in a completely objected oriented manner.  These base classes or more correctly Eagle Base Classes (EBC) are the leveraging point from which the power of Eagle graphics which have now been extended with Eagle Nurbs and additional presentation capabilities is opened to the Python programming world.  A further level of abstraction is achieved in the provision of another set of classes called the Eagle Foundation Classes (EFC) which form a framework platform for simplification of applications development in the provision reusable component objects.   

Eagle Ideal for Domain Specific Engineering with Graphics

EFC methodology is useful in providing the necessary platform of services required by most graphics applications and provides the foundation of EDSM (Eagle Domain Specific Modeling) applications development. Eagle is already proven in a variety of engineering and domain specific graphics application fields where companies worldwide have used Eagle as a core component in a variety of graphic application systems including Shipbuilding, GIS, Mining, Process Integration, Education and Visualization.