Eagle CDS (Creative Developer Studio) is a fantastic object orientated implementation of proven Eagle and Python technology brought together in an a innovative way to serve application developers needs for 2D/3D graphics in real world engineering applications.  In Eagle we harness the powerful and broad range of functions offered in Eagle and expose them to Python

programming methods. The resulting product us ideal for both application prototyping and object orientated engineering of the final application solution.  Eagle CDS is the next generation release of Eagle and it represents another truly a giant leap in functionality and flexibility.  We have introduced several major enhancements into the core 2D/3D graphics environment and have included significantly enhanced User Interface capabilities with Eagle GUI Framework perfect for development of dynamic interface models including ribbon UI,   new flexibility in integration of developer components and extended geometry engine with EagleNURBS all of which can be rendered in multi-window multi-model operation in any combination of MDI, TDI or SDI modes.  Python EBC (Eagle Base Classes) and EFC (Eagle Foundation Classes) and now introduced an extraordinary level of programming flexibility for graphics application which programmers of varying levels of skills can utilize powerful and complex capabilities with relative ease.

Programmer who use the framework can embrace the advantages of Extreme and Agile Programming which has the benefit of not only of enhancing the speed of production of the initial solution prototype but also the final engineered solution.   The strengths and ease of implementing Eagle graphics, GUI, and utilities are entirely complimentary to the ease, flexibility and expandability of Python making the resulting product essential for developers who value the ability to respond rapidly and flexibly to client needs. These benefits mean that there is now an easier, faster and more cost effective way of achieving domain specific graphics programming.   

The adopted approach inclusive of OOP methodologies means that the resulting solutions

  • are graphics applications achieved with less code,
  • are ultimately more robust based on proven technologies
  • are customer responsive because they are easier to change
  • are more readable therefore easier to maintain 

Eagle V14 with UDEUltimately using Eagle CDS developers can ensure that the developed applications serve the changing needs of the user and are adaptable and agile rather than having to adhere strictly to predefined templates.

Why Eagle and Python?

When we asked existing Eagle developers what tools they would use to develop or continue to develop their graphics solution the answer has consistently been Eagle.   The unique structure and flexibility of Eagle has always been compelling for graphics applications developers. We recognize that in the mainstream programmers want to use tools that will enhance their career.   Combining Eagle with Python as a mainstream OOP Open Source language used by thousands of respected companies make this an ideal framework partnership. Some of these benefits are ;

  • utilization of mainstream tools avoids resistance in from management
  • easy to learn methods reduces high costs of developer training
  • added value of recognized skills to programmers CV portfolio by using Python and Eagle
  • utilization of Eagle powerful graphics, GUI and services means focus is on the solution
  • many levels of programmers can achieve complex results as respected team members

This has been achieved without compromise of Eagle powerful capabilities but by enhancing them. Now the benefits, so valued by existing Eagle developers, can be enjoyed by the mainstream. More

Discover the strengths of prototyping with agile programming for graphics

One of the most important factors in providing a complex domain specific engineered solution is to provide what the eventual user actually wants from the solution. A key strength of the Eagle method has prototyping or the test first code later paradigm. Since inception, Eagle has had the ability to provide dynamic prototyping methods from a geometrical, UI and general programming point of view.   Prototyping is the cornerstone of XP (Extreme Programming) the method of solution providing that means you don’t need to wait for detailed analysis of the minutiae of the solution in order to enact it, you don’t have to waste valuable time and money, but you initially make a prototype as real proof of concept, create a test harness and then work on the solution.  In beauty of the process is you don’t need throw away the prototype, you can simply reuse it as a starting point for the agreed solution.

Using Eagle Framework and its powerful prototyping capabilities combined with the ability to engineer the final solution through a continuous cycle of adaptability means that the solution is what the client wants but can be achieved in a cost effective manner. More

Eagle CDS Implementation

The Eagle framework has at its nucleus a powerful set of functions covering geometry, GUI, data exchange, imaging, utility and core functions which have been exposed to a variety of programming methods ideal for both application prototyping and system engineering of the final application solution. 

Eagle Product Leaflet

Download PDF document [here]


  • Object orientated graphics development
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Leading edge graphics solutions
  • Cost effective code reuse
  • Agile development of graphics solutions
  • Robust and reliable core technology
  • Part of huge community of developers
  • Experienced providing real world solutions
  • Easy to learn
  • Low training costs
  • Harness open source development
  • Integrate your existing developments
  • Concentrate on required solution
  • Code significantly less
  • Up to 20 times less code than C
  • Up to 15 times less code than Java
  • Achieve more readable code
  • Cost effective to maintain
  • Easier to embrace user demanded changes
  • Open and extendable platform
  • Save man years in graphics development
  • Usable by every class of programmer


Eagle CDS is delivered with Eagle 14, EagleSDK (EPI, LibUFO, LibEagle, LibOCC) APIs, Python EBC, Python EFC (in source) and complete documentation, training materials and UML model of class structures.



If you are an ISV (Independent Software Vendor), Enterprise Developer, Equipment Manufacturer or Educator and want to develop or integrate leading edge 2D/3D graphics in your application using world class software Eagle CDS is the right choice. Already used in a wide variety of industries providing cost and time saving benefits Eagle and Python allow the developer to simply get on with the job of providing the solution.


More open and flexible than competition

"One of the main reasons for our decision to use Eagle was the openness and the flexibility of the system in respect to others on the market.”

Enables quick response to user needs

“The flexibility of Eagle allows us the possibility to design to our total solution needs and also enables us respond more quickly to the needs and requests of users.”

Development job made easier

“Macrovision continues to provide a transparent layer of functions so when we moved to Windows the job of this implementation was made so much easier."

Flexible and modern approach

"One of the main reasons for choosing MacroVision is that our total system requires a flexible and modern approach."

Other suppliers cannot offer same flexibility

“The openness and the good contact with MacroVision makes it possible for us to develop in an open ended direction which responses to our user needs, other suppliers cannot offer this flexibility.”

Eagle with Python is just what I need

"The flexibility and dynamic nature of the Eagle and Python implementation are just what I need. I can prototype possible solutions before choosing the best option for final coding."


Contact us today for more information including product evaluation and how to avail of our free consultation on how we can help implement graphics in your application.

In the Eagle SDK we facilitated programmers to develop both in C/C++ through a wide and powerful suite of EPIs (API) and using OCX capabilities the system functions can be extended and integrated from virtually any programming environment with supports this technology. We created open data structures so that they could be used independently from within developers own programs using a series of APIs.  In EagleActiveX we wrapped Eagle as a component so that compliant applications such as internet browsers could use Eagle 3D component from supported languages within cloud applications. 
We integrated Eagle with Python where we could achieve the true advantages of OOP approach to graphics environment including polymorphism, encapsulation and inheritance.  In Eagle CDS the integration with Python with Eagle functions provided as classes enable programming of Eagle in a completely objected oriented manner. A further level of abstraction is achieved in the provision of another set of classes called the Eagle Foundation Classes (EFC) which form a framework platform for simplification of applications development in the provision reusable component objects for EDSM (Eagle Domain Specific Modeling) applications development. More

Eagle is the Compelling Solution Choice for Real World Graphics Programming

Development of graphics applications using OOP methodologies means that code optimization and reuse reigns supreme.  Prototyping of solutions allows for effective incremental development of complex solutions with actually meet the user’s idea for the final engineered solution and still remain adaptable to change.    This ability to progressively improve the specific solution prototyping and engineering the process is ideal for customers who not only constantly strive to be market leading innovators but provide valuable return on investment by getting products quickly to market in response to customer needs. 

Placing the Eagle at the core of a graphics application can save many man years in development. Many leading companies worldwide have used Eagle as a core variety of graphic application systems including CAX, Education, Networks Management, Shipbuilding, Retail Layout, Embedded Systems and many other data visualization applications. Make Eagle and Python your natural choice today for development of serious graphics applications.