The growing demand for provision of workplace mobility has been phenomenal. Users have responded to the flexibility of mobile technology by embracing new, more diverse means of working. The means of accessing and using corporate information on the move, particularly email and scheduling data, has exploded. Eagle for TabletPC or Eagle Mobility technology provides portability combines mobility  with natural working methods including pen and gesture interface, voice based interaction, hand sketched drawing and recognition, digital ink and text recognition, and symbols and pattern recognition.

Standard version Eagle enabled for Mobility

MacroVision has provided a solution to the growing demand of being able to harness these interaction methods and the ever increasing demand for applications on the move by ensuring Eagle is mobile capable.  A wrapper for Eagle called EagleEye provides a GUI interaction platform for mobility applications in the area of on-field engineering including surveying, installations, repairing, auditing, assessing, etc. What's more, MacroVision provides these capabilities by ensuring that standard Eagle versions are enabled to run on versions of Windows enabled for TabletPC.  This means that a standard Eagle is enabled to run on Windows XP or Vista for TabletPC rather than having a custom version.

Implement natural pen and stroke based user interface models

Since version 12 Eagle already has everything for developing a pen-based UI (user interface). Pen stroke and multi-stroke recognition has been included and character, word, sentence, recognition has been fully integrated with Eagle GUI input controls. Voice input fully integrated and voice synthesis can to be added through platform and third party components. Mobility platform services are available through a light client/server component for downloading or uploading data with synchronization management.




  • Provides developers with new application possibilities
  • On-site engineering applications
  • Natural pen and gesture interface possibilities
  • Voice based interaction via components
  • Hand sketched drawing and recognition
  • Digital ink and text recognition
  • Symbols and pattern recognition
  • Standard Eagle on special Windows platform
  • Light client/server component for downloading and uploading of data


Eagle Mobility is delivered as part of the standard version Eagle with full current version compatibility.  


If you are an ISV (Independent Software Vendor), Enterprise Developer, Equipment Manufacturer or Educator and want to develop or integrate leading edge 2D/3D graphics in your application using world class software Eagle is the right choice.


Contact us today for more information. At the same time why not try an Eagle CDS product evaluation and how to avail of our free consultation on Eagle with Python and how we can help implement enterprise quality graphics in your application.

Compatible with huge range of digital ink devices

The usability factor of adopting the digital ink implementation has adoption consequences that extend beyond what is traditionally bracketed as mobility devices. Eagle is also capable of driving digital boards, graphic tablets, smart pads and also emerging digital paper devices. These "natural interface" devices, network availability and Eagle provides the developer with increased possibility of allowing the user to work with the information technology tools and data required where the job requires, rather than being anchored to desk based technology.

PDA Version

Handheld mobility devices provide a separate challenge to developers and users in terms of power and document size. Nevertheless the absolute usefulness of the platform as the ultimate in current portability makes the provision of EagleMobility PDA version an exciting possibility. MacroVision felt that it providing graphics application portability to on-site engineers on the PDA/Smartphone devices an exciting prospect for applications. Although this is a separate Eagle version that requires very specific development from MacroVision to ensure the least amount of work required by Eagle application developers we feel that its provision will add an important extra dimension to the SDK tools. The EagleMobility PDA version is available for Windows Mobile operating system and compatible devices only.