Powerful Graphics Applications Development Platform

Eagle  is the core MacroVision 3D technology platform, is a powerful and unique graphics and data integration software engine which is designed for application development. The versatile Eagle environment combines advanced 2D/3D vector graphics, complex geometry, GUI, OpenGL, raster, rendering, SQL database, data exchange, networking services, and many other programmable technologies into a host component that can then be easily used in the creation powerful applications.

Interact with a common layer simplifying the programming process

Using Eagle programmers can interact with one consistent and common layer of functions to address complex technologies meaning the developer removes the need to manage a whole layer of potential development problems thereby eliminating the potential for whole classes of errors. By allowing Eagle to do the work of integrating essential libraries for application development you as a developer, are given the freedom to manage the aspects of your technology that really matter to your company.

Eagle methods wrapped for diffuse development and deployment options

Eagle is available wrapped in a variety of containers component which developers can then interface usingdiverse programming methods including Python, EagleGL (engineer orientated script language), C, C++, .NET, VB and other programming methods.

EagleEye, part of the primary delivery platform,  is a wrapper to Eagle which provides a complete Windows look and feel to Eagle. The strength of this implementation is the ability to extend or replace functions in the system using standard or bespoke components.  An additional benefit of  EagleEye is to extend the delivery deployment by providing EagleMobility a powerful graphics application platform for Tablet PC and mobility devices.

Ideal for engineering application development

The Eagle application environment evolved from the provision of easy to use platform that supported the viewing and modeling of complex 2D/3D objects. The system quickly developed into a complex core which includes the solids modeling, vector and raster support, multiple database integration and embedded SQL, event driven programming, dynamic photo realistic rendering and dynamic library extensible layer. The Eagle SDK system retains all these features but is open and entirely


  • Accelerated time to market
  • Graphics and application prototyping
  • Leading edge graphics solutions
  • 3D graphics and complex geometry
  • Extensive GUI development platform
  • Raster imaging including complex conversions
  • Embedded ODBC SQL
  • Extensive Data Exchange
  • Robust and reliable core technology
  • Experienced providing real world solutions
  • Easy to learn
  • Concentrate on required solution
  • Open and extendable platform
  • Ideal for the engineer programmer


Eagle SDK is delivered with Eagle 12, EagleSDK (EPI, LibUFO, LibEagle) APIs and complete documentation, training materials.


If you are an ISV (Independent Software Vendor), Enterprise Developer, Equipment Manufacturer or Educator and want to develop CAX engineering graphics application using world class proven software Eagle is the right choice. Already used in a wide variety of industries Eagle is providing cost and time saving benefits to many companies who are leaders in their field of excellence.


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The ways of extending the environment are limitless but some of the possibilities include extension of the geometry engine, language and data integration features. Extending the system capabilities has resulted in the inclusion of technologies such as Variational Geometry, Version Control (CVS) and Advanced Hybrid which have both individually and combined provided yet more powerful possibilities for the engineer/professional software developer to produce enterprise class applications needing graphics and data integration. Today Eagle AE technology enabled applications are used in diffuse fields of industry and education, including, Sheet Metal, Facilities Management, Mining, Shipbuilding and Piping.

Complete range of flexible methods and world class support

Although the possibilities are literally endless, typically Eagle SDK integrates into a corporate or developer schema in four specific ways. Applications are developed using Eagle's extensive range built in black box functions, new functionality is integrated directly into Eagle, Eagle functionality is extended  by specialist applications developers , and  finally the Eagle application integrates with existing application to provide a graphics front-end where none existed previously.
Eagle SDK is provided as a developer environment toolkit with flexible licensing possibilities for educational, corporate and OEM developers. MacroVision and it’s partners can offer to developers the opportunity to delve into the vast body of experience in bringing graphic and data integration applications to market. Source code packages to quick-start software development, bespoke and joint development on Eagle to extend and integrate new technology are just some of the project experience scenarios that we can bring to product planning and implementation. The combined resources of Eagle improve the application time to market and ease of future maintenance.