Graphics Framework Enables Eagle Domain Specific Applications Development Now Uses Python

Eagle CDS [Creative Developer Studio] is the latest product from Macrovision. EagleCDS is a powerful framework that provides the ideal platform for development of intelligent graphics applications solutions. The framework incorporates all the features of Eagle SDK which is now for the first time fully integrated with Python and a comprehensive set of Eagle Python classes.   Eagle CDS is the perfect solution for the delivery of enterprise class graphics applications and for the integration of graphics capabilities into existing solutions.  The code saving methods provided you code reduction and prototype reuse means that EagleCDS graphics applications can be delivered and modified consistently on time and in budget.  The power of Eagle available through Python allows developers to tap into the wide range of open source resources available within this popular programming community.  The flexibility, tools and services provided make it the perfect framework for productive development of domain specific programming requiring 2D/3D graphics. 


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NEST is an advanced control and versioning system designed and focus for engineering projects and documents. NEST supplies a secure and pro-active environment for management of all project documents including drawings, models, schemas, flow charts, charts, images, word processed documents, spreadsheets and the pro-active environment for management of all project documents multiplicity of other document material that a project will gather in it's lifecycle. The simpler and more flexible architecture of NEST also allows a very high degree of customisation to the enterprise methodologies.

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Services and Support

Sometimes even with the flexibility of the our domain specific productivity tools our clients require something more for their specific industry need. This is where our experienced developers can help by adding their software engineering skills to your domain specific needs.

Macrovision can fil the gaps in your development cycle or time to market by providing additional expertise.

We also offer a comprehensive range of support plans and upgrade contracts to maximixe the continued return on investment.

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