NEST is an advanced control and version system designed and focus for engineering projects and documents. NEST supplies a secure and pro-active environment for management of all project documents including drawings, models, schemas, flow charts, charts, images, word processed documents, spreadsheets and the multiplicity of other document material that a project will gather in it's lifecycle. NEST represents the most advanced extension of the open standard CVS system for software management used for engineering, documents, product data management, project planning and management. The main target of NEST is to provide a modern and powerful Control and Versioning System. Modern, in this context, means open extensible, compliant to modern architectural patterns and based on open standards. NEST is powerful, because of the ability of the system to handle the amounts of data involved and the requirement to share this data for collaboration. The need to solve these problems that are becoming critical to companies and organizations of all sizes as they strive to face new markets, are involved in mergers, and need to evolve, the requirement to use new standards, fulfil ISO and other certification procedures, and satisfy customer product standards.


NEST solves the problem of damage or loss to valuable data and avoids misuse of wrong versions of files by centralizing the management of data and control of versions. Importantly, the centralized repository is wrapped with a control layer for secure access thus eliminating risk of unauthorized use of company data. Automatic full or incremental backups of data can be organized with the help of the system.

As a modern control and versioning system is designed manages all types of files and documents using the following functionality:

  • records file history in central repository
  • handles secure access to files
  • handles concurrency in a multi-user setup
  • manages project document relationships
  • traces all actions on a files or document

Nest extends basic CVS functionality with capabilities for managed software projects and engineering project utilization.

  • management backup and restore after
    failure or crashes
  • standardizes behaviour of users collaborating on the same project
  • supports release management
  • support database to extend the system
  • integrate with company's other systems
  • powerful environment for query and report
    generation included users over the Internet

Focused on files lifecycle management

As Control and Versioning System, NEST is primarily focused on files and their lifecycle management, but it aims to wider horizons, including project management, cost evaluation, resource management, production simulation and planning for integration with other systems in the company or enterprise. The system is designed for use by any kind of user, managers, revisers, mathematicians, designers, draughtspersons, testers, installers, in fact anyone involved in a project. Users can concurrently access any version of a file at any time without having to worry about data management issues. NEST provides backup and recovery mechanisms, user authentication and authorization, and secure access from inside the enterprise (LAN/WAN) or outside (Internet), using industry accepted protocols and tools. NEST is much more than a control and versioning system, but comes without the complexity of Product Data Management or Document Management systems. The simpler and more flexible architecture of NEST also allows a very high degree of customization to the enterprise methodologies.


  • Safe and structured container of company data
  • Avoid nightmare of data loss of chaotic systems
  • Maximum control of resource access on servers
  • Data access based on user profile
  • Maximum control on users and “who did what”
  • Maximum flexibility for hardware configuration
  • Minimum maintenance cost for a server system
  • Maximum flexibility in deployment and usage
  • No file system mapping or mounting required
  • Maximum flexibility, using light web clients to interrogate the central repository
  • Resource (files) life-cycle management
  • Possibility to group files and manage relationships between resources
  • No limits and maximum performance
  • Clients can work offline without server connection
  • Workspace updated automatically or on demand
  • Collaborative environment
  • More users can work on the same resource
  • Wide choice for client and server platforms
  • Consistent and powerful environment to manage delivery of documents, drawings, etc. to customers on a release-driven mechanism
  • Maximum safety level for disaster recovery
  • Economically viable reasonable investment cost


NEST is delivered in packages of a server based installation and batches of client licenses. Additional add on modules for software rollout and library management are also available.


If you are managing any software engineering or software development project you can benefit from NEST.


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