TUC (Technology Upgrade Contract)– provided annually entitles the licensee to automatic updates to any aspect of the software system for which they are licensed. This is the safest insurance policy for your installation and is usually required for Macrovision updates. 

TUC also provides a conduit for the licensee to the support desk for specialist advice, reporting problems and feedback. We pride ourselves in the personal professional manner of our support network and usually any reported issues which, provided are confirmed are remedied as soon as practically possible, usually the next interim release or earlier with a workaround solution for critical issues. 

TUC also provides the licensee the security that licenses will be quickly replaced when moving operating systems or in case of server hardware failure. 

When a licenses is under TUC it also often benefits by automatic addition of new functionality extension at a considerable cost saving.

Licenses outside TUC may be upgraded on a case by case agreement with Macrovision.

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In Macrovision Eagle products are supplied with a comprehensive set of training materials and samples. Eagle V14 CDS is also supplemented with a huge range of online free and commercial training materials for Python programming techniques. Local bookstores and libraries also usually carry a large stock of materials aimed at all levels of Python programs.

There are cases when specialist training is required to accelerate the learning process. Typically this will be required either for issues relating the integration of your own existing software or advanced training in relation to Eagle graphics programming capabilities or data integration APIs. This type of bespoke training normally is undertaken with practical relevance to project you intended to undertake.

On-site training is normally provided in one week packages (including trainer travel time) for cover a full immersion in the structure and capabilities of Eagle with the developer needs used as a working example. 

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Sometimes even with the flexibility of our productivity tools clients require something more for their domain. Something more that can mark their product out from the opposition as innovative and brand their company as market leaders. This maybe in relation to domain specific graphics functionality or perhaps transfer of data with intelligence is required as a part of the specific system being developed. Such was the case for Metal Studio where Macrovision developed a whole suite of functionality totally dedicated to handling sheet metal intelligence.

Equally in a large project, sometimes the need may arise in peaks of the development cycle where additional expertise may be required.  Python skill are widespread so generally outsourcing these skills is not a problem. We would expect that in the field of advanced graphics that our experienced engineers can led a helping hand to completion of project on time and budget,

We can also help Eagle developers migrate their applications and with partner developers we can accelerate the adoption of new technologies.

Bespoke developments are offered on a per project basis on daily, weekly, monthly and per project task basis

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