In a world where sales and techno speak can confuse we in Macrovision understand that ultimately it is the result and benefits of the result that really matters. 

We have achieved this successfully over decades helping client companies to manage introduction of new graphics developments, the transition between platforms and the merging of existing developments into graphics rich environments.

We constantly ask our existing developers what tools they would use to develop or continue to develop their graphics solution and the answer they consistently give us is Eagle.  

The unique structure of Eagle has previously been compelling for developers but now by fully integrating Eagle with Python we embrace the mainstream and provide the benefits of our solution to a whole new class of developer.   Using Eagle and Python you can implement graphics solutions in the way that users need rather than being restricted by what the programming method demands.

The savings driven by providing an environment that focuses on reusability of code from prototyping to the actual solution are immense.  Programmers are confident because they are using well know technology with will benefit their career skills. 

Eagle is the most suitable framework solution to program graphics intensive applications and unlike other solutions the choice of using Eagle with Python means each member in a development team of varying levels of skills can contribute to and achieve complex tasks.


  • Compelling reasons to use Eagle?
  • Why choose Macrovision?
  • Who can benefit from using Eagle?




Developers like these are already benefiting from Eagle you can join them today

ISV software developers who are developing general purpose or vertical domain specific applications with a requirement for graphics capabilities. You may have CAX (CAD,CAM,CAE) or similar capabilities and are looking for a more flexible platform to server your needs.

Enterprise software developers who develop internal integrated domain specific enterprise solutions and recognized the value projecting the development and integrating graphics solutions in their domain.

Equipment manufacturers and parts suppliers who already understand the benefit of value added benefit in supplying commodity applications to customers as part of their appliance, machines or service.

Educational institutions and students who are interested in the development intelligent graphics applications and the concepts of prototyping and extreme or agile programming applied to diffuse engineering disciplines.


  • Our focus is software development expertise designed to smooth the integration of graphics technology of real domain specific total engineering solutions

  • We allow developers to concentrate on real development goals by providing viable levels of abstraction from which to develop graphics applications.

  • We have extensive experience in with working with ISVs, enterprises and education institutes.

  • We will work closely with you in providing a solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing environment and workflow.

  • We provide significant cost savings by providing to your development a whole new body of developer knowledge in the field of engineered graphics solutions at a fraction of the cost and time of developing this knowledge internally.

  • Adopting our developer solution for domain specific graphics development can maximize reusability of code and minimize duplication.

  • We don't compete in your applications or domain specific market

  • We are experienced and interested in responding to clients needs and have the ability to respond quickly at all points of the development cycle

  • You don't need to submit a business plan or divulge your business secrets to utilize our solutions.

  • We can provide resources which allow you to concentrate on development of your total solution and engineered content thereby freeing development departments from issues which are not core to the intelligence of the solution.

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