Flexible licensing models for various needs

Macrovision offers different licensing options to meet every need from application development to system deployment. Understanding these options helps you efficiently manage your software assets and get the most out of your investment. Our licensing options cover a broad range of possible variations which are dependent on the technology deployed and the intended use. We have options for individuals, enterprise developers, corporate end-users, ISVs, OEMs, students and educational institutes covering a range of usage options from commercial development, research and end-user deployment. A range of options are available to developers seeking third party usage including outright purchase and rental options. A suite of licensing options is available to protect software development efforts including embedded licensing, electronically delivered licensing and hardware linked licensing or a combination of all or some of these options.

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Single-user licensing: A single-user license is assigned to a particular user machine or hostid. The single license can be installed on on any computer at any one time. Multiple instances of the software can be started by an authorized user in a single session. Single licenses may be moved to other machines and certain platforms allow hot swapping of licenses as detailed in the Licensing Guide.


Network licensing: A network license is not assigned to any individual user but to a server or hostid attached to a server. The software can be installed on as many computers as needed which are then connected to a centralized server location for licensing purposes. The license details can be stored in a shared folder or locally to combat network outages. The number of licenses available determines the number of concurrent users. Multiple instances of the software can be started by an authorized user in a unique session.

Educational and learning edition licensing: Fully functional educational low cost or free licenses are available to recognized institutes or students enrolled in full time education. These licenses are for non-commercial and research purposes only. Institutions may avail of Network or Single User licenses. These licenses are fully functioning versions but marked as educational licenses and without some of the productivity tools shipped in commercial editions.

ISV OEM licensing agreements: These are distribution licenses for ISVs, VAR's and equipment manufacturers who wish to embed all or some of our technology in their third party distribution offerings. Contracts costs are dependent on the technology used, volumes, product target and complexity of support. OEM commercial contracts cover a range of licensing options including demonstration, agent, educational, commercial, rental. Purchased technology is available in binary or source format depending on the technology involved.