Support Desk

"The latest versions, updates, and friendly professional support"

Client Area

MacroVision values our client base which is distributed world-wide.  All classes of user whether they are ISV developers, enterprise developers or Eagle end user engineers.  In incorporating our software MacroVision clients have shown their commitment to us and our returned pledge is to ensure that the investment decision made by our clients continues to appreciate. 

We believe in implementing our software using a continuous cycle of listening, design, testing and deliver all of which are essential to the long-term success of any business relationship.   Every advance is passed on to every client users under our maintenance and support agreements. 

Support Services and Products

The Support Desk provides a bridge to our support technical representatives. Designed for our existing users with a current Technology Upgrade Contract (TUC), the Support Desk is available to answer technical queries, register bugs and arrange shipment of new versions. In addition the Support area of the site contains downloads of upgrades, fix releases and new versions. Details of joining or rejoining the TUC program or other information can be obtained from your sales representative.


User communication with the Support Desk is important to us part of our business. The complexity of ways in which our products can be used means that it is almost impossible to visualize every scenario in which they will be used. We value any feedback you supply about problems or anomalies that you encounter, or perhaps even praise or a suggested enhancement support feedback

Release Information

There are different names for Eagle versions what do they mean?

OFFICIAL RELEASE - This release is the Official release version which has passed both our internal testing certification and has also been extensively tested amongst developers. This version is approved full release in for production and is approved for end-users and developers. This version is available as a full setup release and on media. Testing for your specific site application is recommended before releasing for production.

CERTIFIED RELEASE - This release is certified version between major releases which contains some developer or application specific improvements. This version has passed internal testing certification and some developer testing. This version contains all the benefits of the core Official release. Depending on the number of file changes, this version is either available as a files release or an update setup. Testing for your specific site application is recommended before releasing for production.

 EXPERIMENTAL RELEASE - This release is an advance release version including future release developments. This version will contain all the benefits of the last major Official or Certified Release. This version has passed internal testing certification but perhaps version features are liable to change before official or certified release and features may not be fully documented. Experimental versions may be delivered as a setup or in files release format. It is NOT recommended to release experimental versions for production.


  • IMPORTANT NOTICE - Eagle FlexNET Publisher is now the standard for Eagle licensing. No other licensing systems are actively supported.

  • V15 Release
  • V14 Release


Do I need a new license?

Version updates of programs may require a license update.  If your license is under a current valid TUC (Technology Upgrade) contract then you will automatically be entitled to this license and may upgrade as part of the service.

Is Licensing different between Versions?

Macrovision Eagle supports combined version licensing. This means if you have a license enabled to run Eagle FlexNET V15 for example then you can also run all previous Eagle FlexNET enabled versions using the same license.

What do I need to know about model file compatibility between Versions?

V15 Can read all previous model versions (skips Nurbs entities when present) and can write V15 models.

V14 Eagle version 14.9 is capable of loading all previous Eagle model formats. This OEM release (V14.2.x) NURBS are skipped in non NURBS versions.

V12 Legacy version can read all V12 format files for the .MOD and .PLO files types, and all older version files.